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Man with Spectacle lenses
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When you know you need new glasses, many people spend the majority of their time selecting frames and barely give their lenses much thought.


While the frames are undeniably important, your spectacle lenses are even more so. They will, after all, be the key to clearer vision!

We recognise the importance of carefully selecting your lenses to make sure you maximise your vision and get the most out of your eyewear.


To this end, we will carefully consider your lifestyle, budget and prescription to make sure you have the right lenses to give you the best vision every day.


Selection of Spectacle Lenses


With our available tints and coatings, you can go that one step further to personalise your lenses.

Perhaps you want your glasses to be more lightweight? scratch-resistant? or do you want to protect your eyes from blue light? or harmful UV rays? Or how about our transitions lenses?


Discover our tints and coatings and allow us to assist you in making the most of your specs.


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