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A common question is ‘at what age should I bring my children in for an examination?’ Our answer is ‘any age’.


For children who cannot read or even respond to any question we use a Retinoscope which gives us an objective assessment of the prescription. This tells us whether there is any significant error that needs early correction and in most cases reassures us everything is within normal limits.

As children get older they can match letters on a card to different sized letters we show them. Older still and we can show them pictures of common objects – cars, yachts, aeroplanes and so on.


On top of all that there are other sensitive tests to check both eyes work together and that colour vision is within normal limits.


It's important to us that your child's appointment is as fun and engaging as possible.

Our friendly team are experienced in working with patients of all ages, including wee kiddies.


We designed our children’s room so even our youngest patients could be comfortable and calm during their visit.

Early eye care is essential, and our experienced team will give your whole family a care-free fitting. 

So, you can leave with peace of mind knowing your child can see the world with clear vision and a calm heart. 


Click here to find out more about our Children's Eyewear.

If required, we will recommend the best options for glasses or contact lenses to suit your child.

If you have any questions prior to your child's appointment, please get in touch