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See more of your eye with an OCT Scan

So what exactly is OCT? Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT) is a high-tech eye scan that may be used by people of all ages.


OCT is non-invasive and works in a similar way to an ultrasound scan. However, it uses light instead of sound waves to visualise the many layers that make up the back of the eye.

This means that we can see more of your eye and therefore spot any areas of concern sooner.

Our TOPCON 3D OCT Maestro is able to take high-quality 2D, 3D and fundus images in colour to give us an even better view of your eye, including the multiple layers beneath the surface.

We'll also keep your results as a baseline for comparison at your next appointment.

If you have any questions about OCT before your appointment, please get in touch.


OCT Scan Testing Room


It's important to us that our patients can benefit from the latest in optical technology. As such, we have invested in a range of state of the art equipment in order to provide a comprehensive eye health check.


In addition to our OCT technology, we have the HENSON 9000 Visual Fields Analyser which offers advanced detection and monitoring of visual fields for accurate and efficient glaucoma management.


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