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I had been having awful problems with my eyes. They always felt like they were burning and were constantly bright red. I also have a feeling of constant tiredness. In talking to Clodagh she suggested that this was probably due to the blue light from the computer as I spent a substantial part of my day in front of mine.       

I made an appointment with Eye World who were very thorough in doing a full eye exam. Clodagh suggested a new lens with a blue tint that would help to reduce the blue light from the computer. The results are amazing. I have a great relief from the burning and redness, I’m not even as tired anymore.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Clodagh McGovern of Eye World to clients, friends and family.


Marie O’Brien


I wear reading glasses and needed a second pair as my old ones were scratched and never seemed to be available when I wanted them. Two pairs of glasses would make my life easier. I went to Eye World in Westport where I had my eyes tested within the last year so I didn’t need to repeat the test. Most opticians I have been to in the past insist the test is redone, adding to the cost.I use a computer most of the time and was advised that I could get a blue tint on my glasses to prevent eye strain. I had never heard of this feature before and was delighted to know about it. A member of Clodagh’s team then helped me pick out some frames and go for something different. I chose a pair that I would never have picked myself but have had so many compliments about them that my other pair of boring old glasses now needs to be replaced.

Clodagh and her team are extremely helpful, patient and friendly. They care about what is best for the customer and give a level of advice and service that is rare.

I am more than delighted with the reading glasses I bought and have no hesitation in recommending Eye World to anyone


Lesley Moore


Recently I experienced an extremely blood shot eye, which initially cleared up but just as quickly reappeared. I was quite concerned about this and discussed it with Clodagh at one of our morning meetings and she immediately booked me and appointment.

I arrived at Eye World and Clodagh was there to greet me and lead me into an examination room and explained each procedure before commencing. Clodagh then took a picture of my eye, which showed up every tiny little blood vessel which Clodagh confirmed to me these were all normal and I had nothing to worry about, putting my mind to rest.

Clodagh continued with completing an eye test and confirming that I am not currently a candidate for corrective lenses.

I would be pleased to recommend Clodagh and Eye World for the professional service that they offer, ensuring peace of mind and personal attention from the moment of booking the appointment.



Teresa Walsh - Walsh Auctioneering and Estate Agents


I recently visited Clodagh McGovern in her shop “Eye World Opticians” Westport. In my profession I do a lot of driving and recently I had noticed my eyes would be affected by a glare and bright sunlight. I had tried regular sunglasses but after Clodagh had a recent presentation on Polaroid sunglasses, I was immediately interested to see would they help me. I visited Clodagh in her shop and I was very eager to make sure I was buying the right glasses to suit the size and shape of my face.

I am really happy with the sunglasses and they have made driving so much more comfortable. I would advise everyone to purchase Polaroid sunglasses from Eye Wold Opticians.


Michael O’ Connor


To all at Eye World Opticians.

I wish to express my thanks for the great customer service I received.

My wife had been telling me that my sight was bad and that I should have my eyes checked for the past few years. I finally took her advice and paid a visit to Eye World Opticians. Clodagh and her staff have the experience and knowledge to help stubborn customers (like myself, who believed they could see perfectly despite obvious signs) and made my life somewhat easier.

I will gladly recommend Eye World Opticians to all my family and friends. You are a very helpful and knowledgeable bunch. My vision has improved greatly since I have had my eyes tested and chosen a nice pair of glasses from your plentiful selection.

I wish all at Eye Wold Opticians continued success and I am sure that I will be coming back in the coming years.


Conni Karger


I would like to personally thank Clodagh and her team for the outstanding service I received when I recently purchased my glasses.

I would have no problem recommending Eye World to others and indeed I have already.

Sincere thanks


Brendan Hall - Halls Cleaning Services


A couple of weeks back I met my uncle a few days before his daughter’s wedding. He has lost his glasses and needed a pair urgently. He purchased his last pair in Galway and he was wondering where would be the best place in town to get new ones. I brought him straight up to Eye World, where Clodagh’s staff really looked after him and provided him with a new set of glasses. It turns out the new glasses were much better than the old ones. The reason I know this is before that, he was not sure if he would be able to do a reading and a speech but so confident he was on the day that he managed both.

He could not recommend your business highly enough.

Kind Regards


Michael Morrison - On behalf of Michael Coyne, Leenane


I booked my son and daughter in for eye tests with Clodagh last Saturday 27th September 2008, following Clodagh’s advice during her 60 second presentation for young children to have routine eye test, to make sure that they weren’t missing anything in school.

My son Harry, who is just 5 years old, was put totally at ease by Clodagh and enjoyed having the test as he was getting plenty of attention. My wife took in Charlotte and as Charlotte has just turned 9 years old, Clodagh undertook a more detailed examination. Part of Clodagh’s test includes taking a digital image of the eye which provides a detailed view on the health of the eye. In Charlotte’s case, Clodagh noticed a small shadow and suggested that Charlotte comes back in 3 months for another check-up just in case.

Having had my eyes recently tested as well by Clodagh, I’d have no hesitation in recommending Eye World Opticians to family, friends and colleagues.

Thank you once again


Neil Close - Dynamic Marketing Solutions


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